Lucy Movie Review

Lucy Movie Review

Luc Besson (Luc Besson) returned to the core of the fantasy article Lucy a protracted time later said: “Time is that the only valid unit of measurement.” However, it takes an extended time to mention this, even his theory is cheap (in this state of science) and has become a theme that can’t be discussed. Besson was excited to listen to the pseudo-theory of “brain use percentage” spread as a network phenomenon, but he also knew that it had no scientific basis and was very excited about it. He said that this subject is attractive and merit being treated within the cinema. . He didn’t realize that this fully reflected the director’s own narrative.)
This pseudo-theory of Besson’s work on Lucy is actually very complicated. The director tried several things in our film and tried to put a solid foundation for his theory. Observing the changes in Lucy (Scarlett Johansson)’s central systema nervosum, Lucy decided to misunderstand that it fell into the hands of the drug mafia, which is an anabolic substance contaminated with an oversized amount of blood. The film hurries up every minute while increasing the concentration of blood. during this matter, the audience will take many actions rather than phantasy.

Drag to the tip of an indecent universe. Besson created the analogy of the plutonium bomb for this drug, which could be a compound kind of natural hormones that may trigger the formation of baby bones within the mother’s womb, but as Lucy’s personality continues to strengthen, we’ve found nothing. Brainpower. during this case, it’s obvious that the movie is nothing but glasses, a visible tool for masturbation. just like the protagonist Lucy, the audience wants to grasp what’s going to happen with the rise of brain power, but after all, the conscious audience can realize what’s going to happen within the first minute of the film. the most important hurdle for movie
is that whether or not Lucy remains in a very low volume state, she will still provide supernatural powers. As you climb to higher levels, you face more problems than standard mob movies. These problems are becoming more and harder.

Obviously, Luc Besson was only drawn to the ideas that came to his mind, and he didn’t think an excessive amount of about the opposite nourishment within the script. Unfortunately for the audience, these little anecdotes appeared in another sci-fi novel “Under the Skin” starring John Nathan this year (it’s wrong to call Lucy a sci-fi novel because she wanders more in action). In fact, Besson would like to reveal many things that fascinated him and withdrew. On the opposite hand, the audience is prepared to use 100 percent of their brains ahead of a female character, and that they must catch up with meaningless events that quickly flow around them.

In fact, the scene where Lucy’s appetite began to extend after the separation of the role situation has always been a powerful hope, hoping to strengthen the concept of this film, and believes that the director is admittedly considering her, everything is him. In such a brief period of your time, you yourself can stand come in Hollywood’s cheap action, in order that you’ve got learned lots. whether or not we see a fictional scene, we are watching for joy. Instead, the director chose to magnify Lucy’s eyes by some million pixels to delve into the memories of certain people to indicate that she will use her own thought power to fly objects and objects. What has grown isn’t the power to use Lucy’s brain, but the processing speed of the processor and also the RAM that the laptop can use. These are comfortable details, and also the movie should be viewed as cheap action, not an appropriate type for the event of conceptual universes like fantasy worlds and fantasy.

It makes no sense to think philosophically about Lucy. this can be the documentary evidence that Morgan Freeman must withdraw from the image of a sage. this is often because amateurism and also the lack of thought-provoking aspects of the film eliminated this desire ahead of time. Scarlett Johansson’s deadpan expression took an hour and a half, and therefore the most significant message is also that Luc Besson shouldn’t question the God phenomenon. Since we all know the director who can try this successfully, you cannot play gods with cheap tricks like Lucy.


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